Q: Why Mintology?
A: NFT collectors have difficulties getting pre-sale allocation into good NFT projects, while creators lacking of a NFT launchpad to get initial traction, thats where Mintology comes in.
Q: What does Mintology do?
A: Mintology is the world's first curated NFT launchpad: a kickstarter and an all-in-one studio. We are aiming to build an exclusive community and eco-system for NFT lovers, projects and investors. Mintology offers exclusive membership, fractional ownership and VC fund access to investors and incubates NFT projects by providing them with consulting, marketing, tech development, community and more.
Q: How do I launch NFTs project on Mintology?
A: Please fill out the google form via https://bit.ly/2XrX8Dw. Our team will review your application and get in touch for the next step.
Q: What is the benefit of being part of Mintology community?
A: Our community members will enjoy exclusive privileges such as getting access of 1st hand NFT launching news, opportunity to get whitelisted for the upcoming Mintology token IDO and for NFT projects to be launched on Mintology. Join our discord to get updates bit.ly/3hHuq8R
Q: How much will I pay for minting NFT on Mintology?
A: The minting price will be decided by each individual project. And Mintology’s community members have the opportunities to get whitelisted.
Q: What is MINTO token?
A: MINTO token (ERC20) is the governance token in Mintology ecosystem. Mintology DAO members have the rights to propose and vote the Mintology ecosystem. Users can pay for upgrades and use the MINTO tokens on Mintology ecosystem. MINTO token are eligible for fractional ownership of blue-chip NFTs collections in MINT's treasury vault. MINTO token is planned to launch in Dec, 2021.
Q: What is MINT VIP NFT and what can I do with it?
A: MINT VIP NFT will be launched in Dec, 2021. MINT VIP NFT is your exclusive membership card in Mintology ecosystem to access: 1) Minting privileges including early access, reserved supply, whitelist etc for NFT drops launching on Mintology; 2) In-depth report and insight from Mintology Studio BI team; 3) Exclusive discord channel with weekly hangout and online meetup.
Q: How much will MINT VIP NFT cost and how many supply in total?
A: There will be a limited supply of 3000 MINT VIP NFT and a price of 0.2 ETH each .
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