CheekyCorgi FAQ


Updated Oct 11, 2021
Q: What is CheekyCorgi NFT?
A: CheekyCorgi are unique and randomly generated 2D/ 3D NFT social avatars living in the corgiland on blockchain. There are total 79 different traits to give each individual CheekyCorgi unique look and personality, just like real life corgis.
Q:What can I do with CheekyCorgi NFT?
A: For corgi owners (we only have 99 spots reserved for the OG CheekyCorgi NFTs), you get to have your beloved corgi kid image uploaded as part of the CheekyCorgi NFT collection and create the memory of your corgi by having them live on blockchain forever.
For the rest CheekyCorgi NFT owners, 1) You get to be part of the awesome community; 2) Your CheekyCorgi will generate SPLOOT token (ERC20) daily as long as you are holding your NFT. OG CheekyCorgi NFT holders are also eligible for the daily generated SPLOOT tokens ; 3) 8999 Genesis CheekyCorgi NFT holders are eligible for privileges such as whitelist for future drops .
Q: What is SPLOOT token and what is the usage of it?
A: SPLOOT token is ERC20 token, total supply 1,000,000,000. Each CheekyCorgi NFT holder (including OG corgi NFT, legendary NFT) will be rewarded with 10,000 SPLOOT token every day starting one week after the public sale. SPLOOT token can be used to change your CheekyCorgi’s name and bio in one month after CheekyCorgi public sale. The cost for changing name and bio is 100,000 SPLOOT token each. SPLOOT token can also be used to purchased future drops and in game items in CheekyCorgi ecosystem.
Q: What is CheekyCorgi VX and how can I get one (or more) ?
A: CheekyCorgi VX is 3D playable avatar for future metaverse integration. CheekyCorgi VX will be released before Christmas 2021, and will be sold for 0.06942ETH each. You can also pay by $SPLOOT which generated from genesis CheekyCorgi for the VX version. Afterwards, the paid $SPLOOT will be burned to reduce the token circulation.
Q: What’s the vision of CheekyCorgi, and what is special about this NFT project?
A: CheekyCorgi is brought to you by corgi lover and made for corgi lovers. We are trying to build a real community whereby corgi/ pet lovers connect and spread love. We believe in blockchain/ NFT in a long run and by creating this community, we hope to influence more people from mainstream to the market. Did we also mention that we plan to donate part of the funds to dog /pet rescue organizations around the world? Last by not least, we have some pretty awesome real people team/ company behind the project, and we are all very excited about this journey ahead.
Q: I’m a corgi owner, how can I claim the OG CheekyCorgi NFT?
A: Do submit your request through: https://bit.ly/2XXDrUI. Hurry up before the 99 spots are taken!
Q: What if I do not have a ETH wallet to start with?
A: Don't worry. Here’s an easy link for you if you want to set up your very 1st metamask wallet: https://metamask.io/faqs. Of course, you can choose any other wallet in the market as you wish. Do drop us a message if you need help with.
Q: How much will I be paying for a CheekyCorgi NFT?
A: For OG CheekyCorgi, corgi owners can claim for free (yes we only have 99 spots!). For our early supporters (300 whitelisted wallet), you can get pre-sale rate at 0.02ETH (exclusive of gas fees) for one CheekyCorgi NFT. For public sale, the price for one CheekyCorgi NFT is at 0.04ETH. We also accept 3 other different payment in public minting: SHIB, USDT, USDC.
Q: When and where will the Presale take place?
A: The CheekyCorgi NFT Presale will start 6 Dec, on the world’s 1st curated NFT launchpad Mintology (https://www.mintology.studio/), which is also operated by the same team behind the CheekyCorgi NFT project. Whitelist for Presale is opened now. Submit here https://bit.ly/3ozmxFi to make sure you are eligible to participate Presale. Every whitelist wallet will be limited to minting for max 8 CheekyCorgis. There will be 888 in total CheekyCorgi open for Presale.
Q:What do I need to know about public sale ?
A: The public sale will take place on cheekycorgi.com 24 hours after the presale open. Total supply for public sale is 7400. Every transaction is limited to 10 CheekyCorgis. You can pay by SHIBA, USDT. USDC, ETH for public minting.
Q: What is the claimable NFT and how do I claim?
We are partnering with 3 NFT projects : Approving Corgis, JunkyardDogs, Uninterested Unicorns to offer the current holders from the 3 projects to claim one CheekyCorgi per wallet during public sale. There will be a claim page tab, where you could connect your wallet and claim one CheekyCorgi genesis for free (you will only need to pay gas).
Q: What is MINT VIP NFT and how do I get it by participating CheekyCorgi NFT sale?
A: 1st 200 wallet Minted CheekyCorgi can claim 1 free MINT VIP NFT each (exclude gas). MINT VIP NFT is exclusive access to VIP club for Mintology, which gives holder multiple benefits including minting privileges, NFT data analytics report, private discord channel access and so on. Find more details here: https://mintology.studio/
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